Looking for co-admins for the blog

Recently, I have been quite inactive on this blog and I apologize for that because of my long and irregular work hours. Therefore, I am looking for someone who is interested to run this blog with me and help complete the requests sent in. 

You only need to know how to make gifs preferably on Photoshop CS4 and above. It’s okay if you don’t know how to color the gifs and make custom photosets because I can teach you that as long as you know how to make a gif.

If interested, send in a message.

Anonymous asked:
"Do they really have the DVD out already? Does it have English subtitles?"

Yes, the DVD came out in late February in Japan. There is no English subs for it yet though.

To the anon that requested gifs from the movie; I am sorry but I am currently unable to complete your request because the DVD of the movie I ordered has yet to arrive. However, I will be completing the request asap once the DVD arrives =)

requested by surudoi-chisei

Anonymous asked:
"Can you do a gif of anytime Shiranui is shooting his gun or has it out in general?"

Thanks for requesting :) Your request has been completed here